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Test field of Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH Reliable test results from our test facilities

In order to guarantee a high product quality, all our products of Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH are tested in our in-house test field. The equipment is tested in state-of-the-art testing facilities, under low and medium voltage conditions to ensure the high quality of our products. Before each installation, each of our products goes through the test according to the defined specifications. The test is supervised and performed by our authorized and qualified personnel. All results are registered.

At Frerk we test diesel and gas generators with low and medium voltage in accordance with ISO 8528 at the nine assembly test stations, both indoors and outdoors. The testing facilities allow the testing of individual systems in isolated or grid parallel operation up to 6 MW at a maximum of 15 kV. Tests can also be carried out with inductive loads up to 3000 kVA. Furthermore, we implement every individual customer request with regard to electrical power, voltage and the required test regulations.

Collection of facts, test field

  • 8 indoor testing stations, including 3 with gas connection
  • 1 outdoor testing station for large systems
  • 3 dry load resistors 1000 – 2400 kW
  • 5 adjustable water resistances with approx. 15.000 kW each
  • 2 inductive load banks up to 3000 kVA at cos phi = 0.8
  • Load devices can be coupled for testing with loads up to approx. 10-12 MW
  • Possibility for mains parallel operation
  • Possibility for isolated parallel operation of several generator sets
  • Testing device for simulating the customer heating circuit for testing CHP units heat modules
  • Transformers and engine protection switches for testing generators with medium voltage up to approx. 15 kV
  • The test field can be heated up to approx. 50°C and kept constant by controlled ventilation
  • various measuring equipment for measuring electrical and non-electrical quantities
  • writing PC measuring system for recording dynamic processes, e.g. load connections
  • Data logging system for simultaneous recording of up to 60 measured variables with variable recording intervals
  • Measuring device for the measurement and analysis of mechanical oscillations and vibrations
  • Sound pressure measuring devices
  • Measurements of fuel consumption
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Anemometers
  • Laser alignment device
  • all measuring equipment is regularly calibrated according to the specifications of our QM system


  • Testing of generator set systems with complete accessories and, if necessary, higher-level central control panels
  • Carrying out special test procedures if these can not be carried out at the OEM
  • Possibility to carry out long-term testings and type testings
  • Special premises for customers and personnel for inspection and approval during the test runs
  • Tests and acceptances may be certified by independent testing institutes (e.g., TÜV, GL, DNV, ...)

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