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Service of the Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH The Frerk After-Sales-Service for power generation sets

Fertig übergebene Anlagen warten und betreuen unsere hochqualifizierten Servicetechniker über die gesamte Dauer Ihres Wartungsvertrages. Frerk hat sämtliche Serviceprozesse optimal aufeinander abgestimmt. Mit minimiertem Aufwand wird ein maximaler Nutzen erzielt. So sparen Sie Zeit und Geld.

Dies ist nur möglich, da Frerk alle Leistungen kompetent aus einer Hand bietet: von der Inbetriebnahme über Wartung, Instandsetzung und Nachrüstungen bis hin zu Mitarbeiterschulungen, Analysen, Prüfungen und Testläufen. Der Komplettservice von Frerk kennt auch keine Ausnahmen. Er ist herstellerunabhängig und passt sich flexibel Ihren Wünschen und Anforderungen an. Denn Erfolg ist eine Frage des Details.

Single source service

Frerk has coordinated all service processes optimally. Maximum benefit is achieved with minimal effort. This saves you time and money. This is only possible because Frerk competently offers all services from a single source: from commissioning through maintenance, repair and retrofitting to employee training, analyzes, tests and test runs. The full service from Frerk knows no exceptions. He is manufacturer independent and adapts flexibly to your wishes and requirements. Because success is a question of detail.

  • Assembly, commissioning and maintenance of all generator sets and switchboards
  • Construction of new tank systems and tank cleaning
  • Load tests on site, possible through our mobile load banks
  • Carrying out the monthly test runs
  • Data backup of controllers
  • Advice on spare parts stocking

Always available

Wherever you need energy in the world - on the Arctic Circle, in the desert, on water or on land, in hard-to-reach places or in the middle of one of the big cities – Frerk ensures that you can fulfill your mission.
Frerk's emergency service is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Highly qualified employees are on site within the agreed reaction time and ensure the availability of your energy supply.

  • We work for you worldwide
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • On request with agreed reaction times
  • Assembly, commissioning and maintenance of all aggregates and switchgear
  • Construction of new tank systems and tank cleaning
  • Carrying out the monthly trial runs
  • Data backup of controls
  • Advice on spare parts stocking
  • always available


Frerk retrofits your emergency power system on the current state of the art at a reasonable price. So you can use modern technologies in existing diesel aggregates, diesel engines, generators and switchboards to increase performance. After an in-depth on-site situation analysis, Frerk Service will create an individualized schedule for your update into the future.

In the revision and repair of diesel engines, generators, switchboards and other components, the use of refurbished replacement parts over new original parts is an economical alternative.

  • Conversion and modernization of plants
  • Repair of used aggregates in the factory with performance and function control on own test stands
  • Repair and overhaul of diesel engines, generators and switchboards

Maintenance and repair

Independent of manufacturers, we maintain and repair our own as well as third-party systems. The service of Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH is as individual as the intended use of your emergency power system and as powerful as your technical requirements. Whether servicing, maintenance, repair, consulting or training – all services are perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Detailed situation analysis on site
  • Requirement-based service contracts
  • Coordinated maintenance intervals

Always one step ahead

With Frerk Service at your side, you are always one step ahead from your competitors. Frerk accompanies you, for example, with black building tests and security checks on mobile and stationary systems. With oil, diesel and cooling water analyzes, Frerk optimizes the reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your energy supply.

The Frerk service also guarantees a know-how transfer based on partnership. Benefit from a training program that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Proven diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy of combustion chambers
  • Analyzes of lubrication oil, diesel and cooling water
  • Black building tests, TÜV tests and safety certifications
  • DGUV V3 tests
  • Comprehensive courses and trainings

Service from the manufacturer

No one knows your emergency power system better than the one who developed and designed it: the manufacturer. This applies to the entire system as well as to every single component. Frerk therefore works closely with the service of its component suppliers. This ensures cost-effective and competent solutions in all matters.

With high-quality original parts, modern measuring methods, preventive maintenance, well-practiced logistics and comprehensive documentation, Frerk offers a quality of service that you are used to from our gen sets.

  • Efficient manufacturer service over the entire life cycle
  • Close cooperation with the service of component suppliers
  • Fast delivery of original parts
  • Comprehensive advice and individual training of your employees
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