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Emergency power supply for a data center in Frankfurt, Germany

16x Containerized diesel gensets with a genset power of 3,112 kVA / 2,490 kW electr. @15 kV, 50 Hz suitable for ambient temperatures up to 45°C

  • Engine: MTU,  20V 4000 G34F, 3F (Data Center Continuous)
  • Alternator: Marelli, MJH 630LB4, 3200kVA, 15kV
  • Sound proof enclosures 80dB(A) @ 1m
  • 30m free standing chimney
  • Double-walled fuel tank mounted under the container with a capacity of 35,000 liters.
  • Overflow tank, fuel cooling and filtration installed in the container
  • Gensets n+1 configured
  • Generator- and Central Controls with no ‘Single Point Of Failure’

From planning to commissioning

Frerk Emergency power supply

Emergency power supply for a hospital in Darmstadt, Germany

Emergency power system 2 x 2,160 kVA diesel generator sets with associated auxiliary drives. Building installation.

  • Modular control system for 12 changeover groups with visualization via several touch panels
  • Redundant Start Provision: Electrical & Air pressure
  • Executed according to the technical connection Rules Medium Voltage VDE-AR-N 4110
  • 5,000 A Safety power supply with load sheeding as well as load applying
  • 5.000 A Busbar connected to SV building main distribution board

Main contractor for the Complete Genset System incl. "ancillary trades" such as fire alarm system / fire rating / raised floor / steel construction / lighting / emergency lighting / fiber optic communication.

Frerk Capacitive load bank

Upgrade Frerk Test bay

Capacitive load bank 1500kVAr

Frerk Aggregatebau has added another important aspect to its test cell.

From now on, it is possible to test customer products in our test bay with capacitive load!

This upgrade ensures, that we will be able to serve all customer requirements with our test bay in the future.

Emergency Power Supply


Based on the EU Regulation 2017/2196 of 24 November 2017 establishing a network code on electricity emergency and restoration, various transmission system operators have started to equip their substations with emergency generating units to warrant a self-sufficient uninterrupted supply time of at least 72 hours in the event of outage of the MV distribution system.


In the course of implementing such measures, we have worked together with various transmission system operators on the specific development of emergency generating units based on diesel generators that take particular account of specific requirements in terms of integrating remote signal exchange, maintenance concepts, regular trial runs etc. Since 2017 we have already produced about 30 units in various output categories and commissioned these on site with the respective operator. More units in high double-digit quantities are currently undergoing production or are in the preliminary planning stage for the next few years. Furthermore, we enter into detailed discussions with the respective operators about individual maintenance concepts and conclude service agreements with warranted on-call standby times etc.

H2 Energy Technologies

A climate-friendly alternative for the future

Over the last 56 years, Frerk has become established as an expert, reliable system integrator for turnkey stationary solutions for generating heat and power. With its new division FRERK H2 Energy Technologies, FRERK is now addressing the challenges of future technologies. FRERK H2 Energy Technologies takes on a leading role in the development and system integration of emergency generating units with hydrogen fuel cells, thus helping to supply our planet with clean energy.

As a first step, FRERK H2 Energy Technologies is starting cooperation with Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH in the field of stationary emergency power supply for critical infrastructures such as data centres, hospitals and public facilities. These systems will naturally also be available as turnkey container solutions, particularly for international demand.

Frerk Power Plant


Successful Witness Testing during the Corona Pandemic thanks to Remote Accessibility:

Frerk has recently successfully completed and passed a very comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of a 3.5MW@10kV-Emergency Diesel Generator Package for an Oil & Gas project in Northern Pacific Ocean.

The particularity of this FAT was that the complete test was performed with remote access for the EPC Contractor and the End-Client since the project engineers could not travel.

The complete tests was utilising Frerk’s web cam, web meeting and connected chat capabilities to witness every aspect of the installation and thus be closely involved with the inspection and acceptance process of the installation.

The complete tests lasted a complete week and among others the following tests were performed:

  • 8 hours 100% full load test
  • Dynamic response test of the generator set; load application and rejection
  • Functional test of the Generator Set Controls including synchronisation and signal interface checks
  • String test of Fire & Gas detection and CO2-extinguishing system
  • String test of all auxiliary systems (i.e. ventilation, fuel supply, redundant pneumatic start and black start simulation)
  • PMI-test of all stainless steel piping & instruments
  • Radiographic examination of weld seams
Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH - Cummins Award


On behalf of Frerk, we would like to thank Cummins for this recognition and for your continued trust in us to deliver your solutions and meet your customer commitments.

The COVID-19 period has indeed been a particularly challenging time that has asked more of each of us. But in the end we mastered this new situation and we managed to deliver something where every Frerk employee sees their contribution and appreciation.

Modular Powerhouse

Arctic A90 Modular Powerhouse for a Fish Factory

4 x 2000kW – Medium Voltage Gensets. Designed for Arctic Conditions.

  • 4 x 2000kW Gensets to feed the complete Factory.
  • 1 x 240kW Cold/Blackstart Genset to start the Powerhouse
  • A90 Rated Enclosures, Russian Fire Certificate.
  • Modular design secures a fast installation on site
    Electrical and Mechanical Installation are 90% Plug and Play.
  • MV Switchgear.
  • MV to LV Transformer to supply the auxiliary drives.
  • Generator Control Panels.
  • Auxiliary Control Panels.
  • Separated Operator Room.
  • Monitoring of all Engines via SCADA System.
  • CCTV System to monitor all areas of the powerhouse.
  • Russian Fire Detection and Extingushing System.
  • Separated Fuel Storage Tank to fulfill the Russian Regulations.
  • Redundant Fuel Centrifuges to secure clean fuel at any time.
  • Heat Controlled Ventilation System for all compartments.
  • Multiple Space around all Gensets, Centrifuges, Switchgear, Transformer to secure easy maintenance of all equipment.

From calculations, design drawings, built, until packing for the pick up by our Customer. Including complete Powerhouse assembly and test.

Frerk Service

New service location in the Frankfurt area from march 1, 2020 - Expansion of the Frerk service network

Being there where we are needed.
The demand for maintenance, repair, consulting and training in the field of emergency power systems is constantly increasing.
Short response times and highly qualified employees are on site to ensure the availability of your energy supply for your safety-critical systems.

Benefit from our service offer, which is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Containerized emergency generator set

Seven containerized emergency generator set installed on the roof of a data centre in Frankfurt am Main

Emergency power system 7 x 2 MW - 400 V diesel generators in soundproof container with associated auxiliaries

  • 4 meter high container to house the genset mounted radiator
  • Complete Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System
  • 1000 litres day tank
  • Air inlet over the roof of the container

From planning to installation on the building roof

Read more about this project in Mercury Engineering's news section.

Frerk Netzersatzanlage Gebäudeeinbau

Emergency generating set for a television broadcasting station operator

Emergency Diesel Generator Set (EDG) 200 kVA / 400V for building installation with associated auxiliary drives.

  • 200 KVA / 400 Volt
  • Load resistor for test runs
  • Underground storage tank and automatic lubricating oil refill for extended running times
  • Mains backup switchgear with mains and generator circuit breakers and bypass panel

Design, manufacture, delivery and structural building adaptation. Mechanical and electrical installation and complete commissioning. Replacement diesel genset for the conversion period

Frerk Decentralized Power Station for Australia

Decentralized Power Station for Australia

6 x 440kW – 415V  Acoustic-Weather Proof Enclosure

  • Designed for Cyclone Wind Region (Windspeed up to 94m/s)
  • Internal Silencer and Day Tank
  • Internal Generator Control Panel
  • Water mist fire extingushing system
  • Special Water droop separator and fine filter
  • Complete design to fulfill the relevant Australian standards

From calculations, design drawings, built until delivery to Australia, including Loadtests of all 6 Units in our testcells.

 Emergency power replacement system NEA

Ensure electricity security in Western Australia

Black Start Diesel Generator Package 4x 6.6 kV diesel generators with associated auxiliary drives and roof attachments

  • With built-in control, adapted to existing customer systems
  • Double-walled fuel tanks with leakage monitoring

From planning to transport

 Emergency power replacement system NEA

Replacement power supply for a private real estate

Emergency power system (NEA) 2x 800 kVA diesel generators with associated auxiliary drives installed in the building.

  • The emergency network control consists of a central control panel and two identical genset controls for parallel genset operation
  • Fuel cleaning system

From planning to installation in the building and subsequent commissioning.

 Emergency power replacement system NEA

Backup power supply for an oil field

Emergency power system (NEA) 375 kVA / 400V diesel generators in a soundproof container with associated auxiliary drives.

  • 375 kVA / 400V
  • Fire alarms, gas alarms
  • Motor control and generator protection device
  • Day tank
  • Distribution of attachments optimized for the specific location
  • Sand separator

From planning to delivery and support with subsequent commissioning.

Backup power supply for a data center in Frankfurt am Main

Backup power supply for a data center in Frankfurt am Main 

Emergency power system (NEA) 16x 2 MW - 15 kV diesel generators in a soundproof container with associated auxiliary drives.

  • Two “single-fail-safe” central controls
  • Redundant fuel supply systems
  • Two fuel cleaning systems
  • Distribution of attachments optimized for the specific location.

From planning to installation on the building roof and subsequent commissioning.

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