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HX-Factor = Dry Coolers for in-
dustrial and power applications
The HX-Factor is our promise. It stands for our unique ex-
pertise in heat exchange (
CHANGE) and en-
sures a wide range of product benefits for you. Like with
GEA Industrial Dry Coolers, our top quality products with
highest modularity and flexibility. They offer best perfor-
mance and efficiency for a competitive price.
Large selection of accessories
Suitability for diesel and gas enignes
Ideal on compact gensets for space-saving solutions
Possibility of horizontal, vertical, V-bank, induced-draft,
and forced-draft configurations
Copper tubes and copper pipe headers
Availability of various fin systems made of aluminum,
marine aluminum or copper
Epoxy and PoluAl coating available
GEA Ergé-Spirale et Soramat SAS
c/o GEA Maschinenkühltechnik GmbH
Südstrasse 48, 44625 Herne, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 2325 468-965
engineering for a better world
GEA Heat Exchangers
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