Rental Power Module 3516 Gas engine

Mobile generator sets, including the new Caterpillar  G3516C natural gas, running both 50 and 60 Hz

CAT EMCP 3.3 local control panels

Standby mode, emergency mode, utility mode and base load mode

Fuel efficient, low emission, sound attenuated

Designed for temporary power solutions, specifically for the international power projects market. They ensure an integrated supply line to fulfill on gas engine requirements.

IPP optimized rental package

40 ft. container CSC certified

with cooling system, fuel system, exhaust system and control system, lube system

1000 Miles road test

Ambient temperature 35 deg C

Max. sound level 75 db(A) at a distance of 15 m



1844 kVA G3516 C container gensets 

Diesel engine Caterpillar
Type 3516 C GAS
Output 1622 kW
Speed 50 Hz. 1500 rpm 60 Hz. 1800 rpm (available)

Generator Caterpillar
Type SR4B 826
Output 1844 kVA
Voltage 400 / 240 V