HFO Module 9CM20

The design solutions for our Rental containerized power generations system can be achieved by installing HFO burning Caterpillar 9CM20 diesel engine powered generator sets, each 1710 kWe, in 40ft super-silenced containers, with combustion and ventilation air treatment units with a horizontal outdoor radiator and exhaust gas silencer integrated into each. One additional 40ft container is installed on top of the basic generator set container onsite. Both readily equipped containers are tested for function and performance to meet the specific conditions of the job site at Frerk’s special test facility in Schweringen. Following the test, the two containers will be disconnected, all openings will be closed by means of claps or doors and then shipped abroad for easy re-assembling at the site. Once on site usually a maximum four working days will be sufficient to erect and commission the fully operational power station.


2000 kVA 9CM20C

Diesel engine MAK
Type 9CM20C
Output 1710 kW
2000 kW
50 Hz.1000 rpm

Generator Marelli
Type MJB 560
Output 2000 kVA
Voltage 400 V