Special container genset for Arctic conditions in Spitsbergen

3 emergency power gensets installed in soundproofed (70 dB(A) in 10 m) special container. Engine with electric honeycomb radiator for sea air and -20 °C to +20 °C ambient temperature. The automatically synchronised gensets are available to cover total outage of a power station supplying a residential estate, coal mine and research facility.

3 portable container segments were produced with side openings that were assembled into a unit on site.




3 x 2500 kVA container gensets in North Europe

Diesel engine Caterpillar
Type CAT D 3516 BHD
Output 2145 kW
Speed 1500 rpm

Generator Caterpillar
Type SR4B- HV
Output 2500 kVA
Voltage 10500 V at 50 Hz