Black start and emergency power diesel gensets for combined cycle power station with seawater desalination in UAE

2 black start and emergency power diesel gensets with accessories, installed in modular soundproofed hooded/container system (85 dB in 1 m). Parallel operation with the 2nd identical genset provides 11000 kVA for starting the gas turbines. System rated completely for max 52°C ambient temperature in salty air close to the sea. Incoming air filtered by means of maintenance-free Donaldson Strata panels for operation of the genset even during a severe sandstorm. Genset control, redundant electric compressors and daily service tank installed ready for operation in the service container.





2 x 5000 kVA black start diesel gensets in a gas turbine power station in the United Arab Emirates

Diesel engine Caterpillar
Type 3616
Output 5420 bkW
Speed 1000 rpm

Generator A.v.Kaick
Type DIG 156 n/6
Output 5000 kVA
Voltage 11000 V