Containers as housing for heat recovery and Gas engine-generator sets for a toy factory in Russia

For the combined power and heat supply, the system, consisting of a 3m x3m x12m WxHxL container for two Caterpillar gas generators and a container 3mx3mx5, 5m WxHxL for heat recovery was supplied. The two Caterpillar gas engine generators type G3508TA provide each 505kW electricity and 631kW per heat. On site the two containers are mounted one above the other to ensure a minimum space requirement and to achieve optimal line run.

In the variation of the two generating sets provides the possibility at low power requirement of the factory to shut down a unit, and thus to avoid extreme partial load operation. The remaining operating unit moves approximately full load in this case.



The result was a to 85dB (A) low noise system, which supplies the electrical power for the facility and heat from the engine exhaust and the engine cooling water for heating.

2 x 631 kVA Gasanlage

Diesel engine Caterpillar
Type 2 x G 3508 LE
Power 505 kW
Speed 1500 1/min.

Generator Caterpillar
Type SR4B
Power 631 kVA
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz